Nonsense Mistake - Episode 2 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Utom, I am asking you, what is the matter, you are not rooking happy?"

"The worst part is that, he has a bold voice, whenever he speaks, it becomes audible to everybody around, I think I have to go, I will tell him that I'm not feeling fine. I should go, I can't bear this embarrassment any longer." She quickly thought in her heart and then spoke up: "I think I'm not feeling too strong, I will need to go"

"You are not feering stlong?" Ofoma asked, looking so concern

"Oh dear, another blunder. He can't just speak softly, tufiakwa.... This man disgust me a lot, what was I even thinking when I was going out with him? Looks like he used charm on me. I can't just wait to get freed from his charm. Enough is enough, and this will be the last time he will ever see me again"

While Oluchi was making up her plan to leave the restaurant, Chidimma was getting mad with her for trying to ruin her evening.

"Oluchi, I don't know what your problem is, I don't know why you want to ruin this wonderful gathering. This man you are complaining about is just OK. There is nothing wrong with him, though his accent is not that OK, but he is not bad at all. And besides, nobody is perfect. I will have to make her stay a bit longer, so that I don't get to miss this wonderful order that has been placed already. The aroma of their food tastes yummy, I would like to taste their food." She said in her heart and then spoke up: "Oluchi, you don't have to worry, you will soon get better, you know you just took some drugs? So relax, and allow the drugs to have effects and clear the headache"

"Huh!" Oluchi gapped, looking at Chidimma in sheer surprise and Chidimma smiled and gave her a wink.

"You want to ruin my evening, abi? I won't allow you do that to me" Chidimma said in her heart, smiling

And Oluchi who understood what she did smiled back and then relaxed for her sake.

"Utom, you didn't ter'me you wel'sick? How is it doing you now?" He asked, drawing his seat very close to where Oluchi was sitting and tried cuddling her. The seat they were sitting on wasn't that comfy for such sitting position, but he tried getting Oluchi to lie on his body, to have her cuddled comfortably, but Oluchi swiftly get loose of herself

"What is he doing now? What have I done to this man? Can't he just use his common sense to know that this type of chair won't allow us sit in that position. He is a a bush man. Infact, a bush man is even better than him, because a bush man knows how to make use of his brain, but this one, there is nothing in his brain. Absolute nothing." She cursed in her heart.
"Please, I am OK, you are hurting me by doing this, I am OK. Can you please shift your seat a bit?" She requested, looking straight at Ofoma's eyes.

But Ofoma misunderstood her, he thought that she wanted him to come more closer.

"Yes my baby, I wir'do just that" he said, and began pushing his chair more closer to where she was sitting and surprised Oluchi began looking at him.

"Where do you think you are going again?" She burst, continued looking at him.

"I'm doing what you asked me to do, you said that I should come croser to your sit' calm looking Ofoma replied

"Can't you see there is no more space here? I asked you to move back and you are coming back to a place where there is no space"

"A prace where "thelis" no space?" Mummy, is that one a new song because it rooks rike a song, he asked trying to sound funny, to make Oluchi release a smile, but she was already boiling in anger.

"It rooks rike a song or that it sounds like a song?" A girl who was sitting close to them interrupted.

"Can you face your side please? Nobody asked for your opinion" Chidimma attacked her.

"Hmm, drama people. You people haven't stopped making noise ever since you get here or are you the only people in this place? Can't you guys behave mature for once" The girl furiously added

"Who is this one? Anyway, I don't blame you, it's only people who are jealous of true love finds it offensive whenever they see one" Chidimma replied her

And Oluchi turned to the girl and then gave her a very mean look, she looked for the word to reply her but said in her heart, that replying her won't depict the difference between them.

"No, I won't fall to her class."

Ofoma who noticed the mood change of Oluchi decided to mellow her down.

"I am solly my Queen, prease forgive me."
"Ofoma, I want to go. I just need to go, I can't stay here any longer. And Chidimma, if you want to continue staying here, you can go ahead, as for me, I am off"

And Oluchi arose from her chair and began heading towards the exit.

While she was angrily making her gait, a guy who had been giving her an intimate side look followed suit, trying to see if he can have a moment with her.

From the moment Oluchi entered the restaurant, he never removed his eyes off from her. He got captivated by her beauty. While watching what was happening between Oluchi and Ofoma, it got clear to him that Ofoma won't be a problem to him.

"Naa, that guy is a fool, he is not up to my level. He will watch me snatch his woman from him and won't to anything about it." He said, trying to catch up with Oluchi who was walking fast to leave the restaurant.

"Utom, whiala you going naa? Come back" he called in a loud voice. "I am Solly, I won't make you angly again" he continued walking towards her direction, pleading to everybody's hearing.

"Hello beautiful" A sweet deep soft voice greeted from behind, smiling.

And she turned and saw a cool chocolate shade looking guy who was looking so neat on his packet shirt. His masculine perfume flew through and scratched her nostrils.

"Hi" she responded

And then, Ofoma ran and stood in front of the man, blocking him from looking at Oluchi.

"Utom, you don't have to reave rike that, I'm solly. OK, I will dlive you home."

"Mr man, can't you see she is having a discussion with somebody, or am I too small that you couldn't notice me?"

"Who al'you? She is my wife, so back off. Wife snatcher" Ofoma raked.

"Hello beautiful, I don't believe him because I know you can't simply get married to this low life crap.
He doesn't deserve your status. You are beautiful and intelligent, please, don't end up with somebody like him otherwise, you will regret your life, I'm telling you this from experience. Just think about it. Here is my card, call me when you must have found some senses in what I have just said, but believe me, you will regret it if you end up with him" he said began giving Oluchi his card.

"In my plecence kwa? Na' ihum kwa? Utom, show him that you are my wife, infact spit in his face, I will defend you, he is shameless. He doesn't have any respect for somebody's wife, I show him the stuff I am made off" Ofoma urged, getting ready to fight the guy, thinking that Oluchi will heed to his words but little did he know that things were no longer as they were.

To be continued...

Nonsense Mistake by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be use, copied, use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without permission from the author

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