Nonsense Mistake - Episode 16 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

What am I going to do now, should I cancel the wedding? I think it will be a good idea to cancel it. But what excuse will I give Oluchi, what am I going to tell her is the reason for cancelling the wedding? Chidimma, you shouldn't have put me in a tight corner like this, why switching off your phone? I have sent you a good number of messages, please Darling, switch it on and see the good plans I have for us. I have everything worked out for us" Ofoma wished in his heart, looking sad.

When Oluchi returned late in the evening, she met Ofoma looking sad.

She tried cheering him up, but he ignored her, went inside the room and locked himself up.

"Huh, what is the matter? Why did he shut me off like that, did anything happen? Haa, Lord oo, please, I don't want any problem, my wedding is next tomorrow, and my groom is acting weird, please Lord, have mercy and don't allow the wishes of my enemies to come to pass.... Continue below

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