Nonsense Mistake - Episode 15 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Later in the night, Chucks called Chidimma to inquire about her stance regarding the wedding gown proposal, he discovered that her number wasn't reachable. He redialled the number several times, it kept saying the same thing..

So he took it that maybe, she had a flat battery.

So the next say, he continued dialing the cellphone number, but all proved abortive.

It was getting late, and still Chidimma had not been contacted through the phone.

He then called Ofoma and told him what was happening.

"Her number is off, maybe she has a dead battery and has no power to charge it" Ofoma said

"Ofoma, I have been calling her since yesterday night, and kept receiving the same thing, are you sure she is alright?" Chucks wondered.

"This is unlike her, I'm thinking the same thing. Why not go to her place and find out what is happening. I just pray she is alright. Chucks, I won't forgive myself if anything happens to her, everything I'm doing is for her. You see why I suggested revealing the plan to her earlier. I'm having a bad feeling about this"

"Calm down, let's not conclude on anything yet until I find out why her number is turned off"

"I think I should come with you, I can't keep her in the dark anymore. I need to tell her the truth about everything"

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