Nonsense Mistake - Episode 14 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"I don't understand Chucks, can you explain better?" Chidimma asked

"You see, there is this friend of mine who started dealing in exclusive wedding gowns, so he needs a lady who has a nice figure who can fit in comfortably on one of his gowns. He wants to use the person for the face of his company. So I recommended you for him. I am sure your beautiful face and well curved figure will do justice to that"

And Chidimma smiled calmly and said: "Thank you so much for thinking so highly of me, but I thought models are the ones who do such things and you know I'm not a model and besides, I don't even have a flat tummy, I don't see how the gown will fit in perfectly on my body."

"You don't have to worry about anything, waist trimmer can help you with that."

"OK, which day is it going to take place?" She asked

And Chucks told him....

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