Nonsense Mistake - Episode 12 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Immediately after Chidimma left, Oluchi jumped in extreme joy.
"Wait a minute! She just left? Chidimma just left? Oh my God! I can't believe this, I just can't believe this. But I thought she claimed she love Ofoma? She did not even tried to fight for the love she claimed she has for him? Nawao! This is God's doing and I believe Ofoma is my destiny, he is the one God created for me. Maybe everything is working out for destiny to take place. I can feel it, that's why Chidimma left without creating any unnecessary stress. Baba God, I thank you. I now have Ofoma all to my self." She said staring at the engagement ring Chidimma left on the dining table.

"This ring is beautiful. So automatically, it's now mine. I can't wait on the day he will place it on my finger" she paused, began wondering why Ofoma had not returned to the dining table.

"Chidimma has gone, where is he or is he crying in the room? If he is crying, then I will pretend to care and shower him with so much affection. Ofoma, your real woman is here to love and care for you." She arose and began heading towards Ofoma's bedroom.
"Let me first check the passage to make sure he is not there before entering his room. I don't want to appear like an opportunist." She checked and Ofoma wasn't there.

"Yes, he is in the room." She said, dressing herself, to look appealing to his eyes.

When she storm into the room, she saw him making call.

"Where is Chidimma, don't tell me you allowed her to leave by this time of the night?" She cut in, pretending to be concerned

And Ofoma who never knew when she entered immediately ended the call.
"Yo.....u are here? Didn't know when you entered" He said and then quickly went to where she was standing and led her by the hand back to the dining table.

"Just sit down and enjoy your meal, don't get yourself stressed up with Chidimma's issue. She was the one who made up her mind to leave, so why should I stop her? She is a big girl and old enough to know what's good and bad. I only pray nothing happens to her." Ofoma said, spooning the food.

"What just happened? Who was he talking to over the phone and why did he ended the call just like that? And this sudden hatred for Chidimma, could it be he is up to something? Is he planning for a pay back? Chidimma had told me on several occasions how mad Ofoma was for her, and I'm sure he must love her enough to propose marriage to her. And this sudden hatred for her doesn't add up. Who was he talking to on the phone? Hmm, Ofoma, whatever it is you are planning, I must surely have the knowledge of it. And as for this house, I'm not planning on leaving it for any other woman because I am here to stay forever" she determined and got lost looking at Ofoma.

"Hey! What's up, seems you are lost, would you mind telling me what you are thinking?" Ofoma asked, smiling faintly

Oluchi smiled back and said it was nothing.

Chidimma was walking down the road crying bitterly.
She felt so much pain thinking about the sick way Ofoma treated her.
When she thought of how calm he looked when she was leaving, his uninteresting attitude to stop her from leaving, she wailed out the more.
"He didn't care to stop me, he didn't bother about me, he didn't care if something should happen to me, if any harm should come to me? All these things did not come to his mind. He was only interested in making Oluchi happy. A girl who betrayed and shattered his heart to pieces. Ofoma why, just tell me why? Now, how do I get a taxi from here? Lord, please protect me, do not allow any harm to come near me, please lead me safely home, please Lord, help me." She prayed, walking down as cold breeze of the night brushed her skin.

Some minutes after she left, she saw a car coming towards her direction.

"Should I ask this man for help? Should I stop him, what if he is an evil person?" she quickly thought and then found herself stopping the car.

And the rider who was Ofoma's best friend stopped and called her by her name.

"Chidimma! oh my God!! What are you doing on this lonely road by this time?"

"Chucks, is that you? Oh Lord, I thank you for answering my prayers.. Please Chucks, I need to enter your car right now, please open, I'm freezing." She said, stepping out to enter the car

"I'm just on my way to a night club and saw this beautiful lady flagging down my car, I was shocked when I saw it was you. You know you have not answered my question, what are you doing on the road by this time?"

And Chidimma burst into tears. Tears was gushing down, stopping her from speaking up.

"Chi, just calm down OK. Calm down and tell me what it is.. Its OK" Chucks said consoling her, asking her to tell him what the problem was.

And she began telling him all that happened.

"What? Wait! wait!! Wait!!! Are you being serious? How can he do a thing like that? No way, Oluchi is the one to leave that house and not you. I am going back there to knock some senses into him"

Seeing how serious and angry Chucks looked, Chidimma pleaded him not to go to Ofoma's house, that he should instead, take her to her own house.

"See, Ofoma has made up his mind, there is no need talking to him. I don't believe in forcing someone to love me. Just take me to my house, that's all I'm asking of you, please" she calmly pleaded

"What are you saying? How can you allow another girl to take over your man like that? By leaving the house, you are giving that hopeless girl that calls herself, Oluchi all the chances in the world to have him on a platter of gold"

"Chucks, please I beg you, take me to my own house. I don't want to talk about Ofoma anymore. Since he prefers Oluchi, then he should go ahead, I'm not stopping him. Thank God we are not yet married and this type of thing is happening, what if we are already married and he sees her again, who knows what will happen? I will end up with a broken marriage. So I'm still thanking God that Oluchi resurfaced when we are still planning to tie the knot. Though I'm extremely hurt, but it will pass, with time, I will learn to forget about him and move on" she said, crying and giving herself "self consolation'.

And much persuasion, Chucks finally drove her to her house.

The next day, Oluchi was already dressed, she began making plans on how to extend her days in Ofoma's house.

"OK I know what to do" she then went to his room, knocked on the door and asked him if he had any pain relieving tablet.

"You are not feeling alright?" He asked

"Yes, it started this morning. I began feeling weird after I woke up."

"So sorry about that.. Let me check if I have any paracetamol here" he said, searching for one." Here, I have seen a sachet" he then handed it over to her.

"But since you are not feeling too well, why not extend your stay? That room is free, you can stay as long as you want" Ofoma requested

"No no.... You don't have to offer me such hospitality. What about Chidimma, don't you want to settle things with her?"

"But you saw what happened last night, she returned her engagement ring and broke all ties with me, it's over between me and her. So Oluchi, you can stay, as long as you want. You can stay until you find a place of your own"

"What? He just made things easier for me. I was just there thinking hard on how to extend my days in his house and he is here making it easier for me. Wow! This is good for me " she said in her heart.

"So what are you saying?" Ofoma asked with a questioning look.

And Oluchi accepted, looking cheerful. It was what she had wanted.

Two weeks later, Ofoma threw the big question, asking Oluchi to marry him.
But before he proposed marriage to her, Oluchi overhead him speaking to himself regarding his mind towards the proposal.
"Oluchi is my woman, I have loved her with all my heart. This is something I wanted to do for a very long time, but somehow, she was taking away from me. And now, nature has brought her back, and this time, I won't let her go. I just pray she accepts this ring from me and say "yes" to my question"

So when he finally asked her to marry him, Oluchi gave him the "yes" answer immediately, knowing well he still loved her.

To be continued.

Nonsense Mistake - by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning - No part of this work should be use, copied, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without permission from the author.

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