Nigerian Bishop receives N100m Lexus SUV as 70th birthday gift (Photos)

A Nigerian Bishop, Saint Dikeji Miyerijesu, has received a 2018 Lexus Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) as birthday gift.

Saint Dikeji Miyerijesu is the Bishop of God’s Grace Ministry. He is also hailed by his followers as the Bishop of the Whole World and Jesus Holiness.

According to reports from his church, Saint Dikeji Miyerijesu received the Lexus LX 570 2018 model as a gift from his children in the Lord to mark his 10 years on earth, 56 years in heaven through baptism. The SUV is valued at about N100 million.

A special service was conducted to mark the double birthday celebrations at the Ministry’s headquarters based in Warri, Delta state.

ABOUT Saint Dikeji Miyerijesu

Saint Dikeji Miyerijesu, as he is popularly called, claims to be called and ordained by Jesus Christ himself in a religious encounter that sounded very much like the Samuel encounter in the Old Testament Bible.

He addresses himself as Jesus Holiness, Saint Daniel Dikeji MiyeriJesu, the Demon Destroyer, also known as Osuakpeje (World Leader) and Bishop of the Whole World.

While describing the surreal experience of his first encounter with God, Saint Dikeji claims he “Heard a loud voice, saying ‘Dikeji’ (his native name), he turned around to see who was calling, but couldn’t find anybody.

    He took a few steps further and heard the voice the second time ‘Dikeji’. He turned back again, and couldn’t find anyone, so he decided to continue on his movement towards the Crusade arena.

    As He moved further, he heard the voice the third time calling more loudly the same name ‘Dikeji’. At this point he stood, turned back and suddenly, the Lord began to speak to him, saying “I am sending you as a distributor.”

    A distributor?

    Saint Dikeji continued narrating god’s charge to him saying he asked the voice what exactly he is supposed to distribute.

    “A distributor of what? Is it of beer?” he asked.

    The voice replied, “I am making you a distributor of my word… I will give you power to represent me on earth.”

Sources who claim to know the pastor’s roots say he was once a member of the Warri Anglican Diocese until he decided to stand alone just like a lot of clergy men do.

As soon as he broke lose from the Anglican fold, Saint Dikeji promptly changed his name to ‘MiyeriJesu’ (I praise Jesus). His followers then began to affectionately call him DKJ.

Soon, he added ‘Osu’ to his name. Osu means leader. Then he added ‘Demon Destroyer’ (Double D).

“Then came ‘Jesus Holiness.’

Not quite content, he added ‘Saint’ in front of his names and titles.

His followers and the media now refers to him as Saint DKJ.

Still not quite happy, he has recently added ‘Bishop of the Whole World’ to his ever growing names and titles.

It is not unusual to see Saint Dikeji’s convoy of exotic cars with blaring sirens moving around Warri town from one location to another.

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