Don Jazzy apologizes to woman after body-shaming her with phone battery level

Don Jazzy has taken it wise to apologize to a woman who accused him of body-shaming her, he also deleted the offensive post.

He shared an innocent photo collage featuring 4 women. Each woman was graded with a certain percentage, based on their looks. The photo had a caption saying “Your battery level is your bae” and Don Jazzy chose the last woman, Rihanna, with 76% – 100%.

A Twitter user with the handle @theslumflower who was also featured in the photo, in which she was graded 1% – 25%, informed Don Jazzy that it was offensive and tantamount to body-shaming and he quickly took down the post then apologized.

He tweeted:
“Wasn’t my intention to do that. Post has been deleted immediately. Pls accept my sincere apology.

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