Beautiful Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie goes bald in new photos (rate her look)

The beautiful actress and mother of one, Angela Okorie has gone completely bald in new photo. She took to her Instagram page to share the photos.
Remember her story in 2017, how she almost lost her life from armed robbery attack? If you missed the story, read it here

    “I am grateful to God for life. I am a humanitarian and I am always happy whenever I give back to the society.
    “That was why I celebrated my birthday with the underprivileged.
    “My brother was driving and since the road was rough, he had to slow down because of a pothole. All of a sudden, he just told me to bend my head in the car because I was not concentrating.
     “By the time I would realise what was happening, some armed robbers had double crossed us and they alighted from their cars with guns .“They approached our car and cocked their guns, ready to shoot. They almost shot us but before we knew it, some officers of the Nigerian Customs Service showed up from nowhere.
    “They intervened and immediately, my brother seized the opportunity to zoom off. That was how we were saved.
    “I believe it was God that sent those Customs guys to us because they were not on the road and they came out from nowhere.
    “When I saw the robbers, I was scared but I had faith in God. I wonder what would have happened if God was not on my side.”

But how do you see her new look?

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