SARS Officer reportedly kill man whose wife turned down his sex request

The wife of 37 year old Seun Ayoade, pictured below has accused an officer of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Ondo State Police Command, Ojelabi Oladele, of torturing her husband to death because she refused having sex with him while she was married to the deceased.

Gbemisola in an interview with Sahara Reporters, said Seun and officer Ojelabi Oladele were friends and that during her marriage to Seun, Ojelabi had asked her for sex and she turned him down.

He persisted in his request and she repeatedly turned him down on the grounds that she is married and not just that, but that she is married to someone who is his friend.

Gbemisola alleged that this did not go down well with Ojelabi who framed her ex-husband up, got him arrested on October 12th and had him tortured to death while in SARS detention.

Ojelabi then dumped Ayoade’s corpse at the morgue of the Ondo State Specialist Hospital in Akure and lied to attendants that the deceased died as a result of gunshot wound he sustained during a duel with the police. Speaking to Sahara Reporters, Gbemisola said

    “I can’t just imagine how a friend to my man [Mr. Ayoade] will be asking me for sex. It is very disgusting. Many times he [Mr. Oladele] asked me to go out with him, but I always tell him ‘no’ and that I can’t do it. Because I turned down his offer, he then decided to punish Mr Ayoade by calling him a criminal, hence his arrest and detention at the SARS office. And despite all this, Inspector Oladele is still threatening to deal me just because I refused to allow him to sleep with me. They have now killed my husband in their detention center with cooked-up lies that he was an armed robber who died during a gun duel with some police officers,”.

Reacting to her claims, the spokesperson of the Ondo State Police Command, Femi Joseph, said the case was already being investigated and assured that the officer would face the law if he is found culpable of the allegation.

    “The Police Commissioner has ordered full-scale investigations into the ongoing case. Although it is an allegation, a panel has been set up, and investigations have begun to unravel the truth of the matter. And if the culprit [officer] is found guilty then he is going to face the prosecution and full wrath of the law,” he said

A human rights activist in the state, Adewumi Owolabi, had already taken up the case and petitioned the police intending to investigate his officers properly.

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