See photos proving that Regina Daniels released a teenager’s nudes for refusing to sleep with a producer

Reports have been flying around about how Regina Daniels is blackmailing a teenager to sleep with a Movie producer, or she release her nude pictures.

Apparently, the victim isn’t Regina Daniels’ best friend, Casie Snow, but a teenage girl, identified as Frances, 16,.. Casie and Regina’s Brother, Sammy is also involved in the whole mess.
Regina Daniels released

Below is the full text sent to Amanda by the Victim, Frances, a teenager who’s currently being blackmailed by Regina Daniels and Her Friend Caisie.

“My name is frances I joined a group ,a networking online business named jamalife helpers global .. Through the advert by Regina Daniels brother Sammy Daniels . I met Regina in the group chat And I started chatting her At first she didn’t pay attention but I really wanted help with getting into acting….finally she started responding and I assumed she wanted to help me [ I did and she uploaded it to her fan page….

I was convinced she wanted to give me fame [She told me to register with richstar academy and that was how I got linked to Richy adams…she asked me to send her pictures of me She asked me to send sexy pictures n when i did she said she meant nude pictures n DT she only wanted to see my body ??

i sent her the nudes and she started treating me like a friend….she asked me to meet up with Richy Adams, I did at a public place n I went with a friend He didn’t tell me anything about getting intimate with him during this meeting He’s supposed to be a movie producer After that meeting, Regina was angry with me for not offering myself to Richy on d basics that he loved me n was going to help me become a star She blocked me on WhatsApp n her brother chatted me up….

He advised that I make up with his sis before she does something bad to me He said to come to asaba and pay for a hotel where I would meet Richy and please him He even offered to help with part of the hotel payment Regina unblocked me n gave me chance to go n meet Richy which I did not….

my phone got bad so I stopped chatting with them Some days ago,I fixed my phone n got angry texts from her …threatening to upload all d pictures I sent her She said she’s uploading the pictures today n d source wouldnt b traceable.

There’s another girl…Casie snow-regina Daniels bestfriend who already told me the pictures are on air already See screenshots below”

So far, Four people are in the middle of this controversy, and they are, Regina Daniels, her best friend, Casie Snow, her brother, Sammy Daniels and producer, Richy Adams.

Meanwhile, there is also a blurred screenshot of a semi-nude photo of the victim which Regina allegedly went ahead to share on a particular website.

According to a commenter on Amanda’s post, he reported the explicit photo on the website and it has now been taken down.

Below is also a clear screenshot of Frances, 16, picture, Regina allegedly shared as a threat to Frances.

The victim, who goes by the name Frances online, has reacted with a post which seems to confirm the allegations.

Screenshots of chats with Regina Daniels’ Brother, Sammy;

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