Mama Why? Episode 9 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

After receiving a handful of ideas from Nkechi, Okwuchi then dashed into her son's room and in a serious mode, she said: "don't you have ears again? My son has been calling you from the bathroom, go and answer him quickly and know why he is calling you"

"Really? I did not even hear it" Unsuspecting Ogechi said and quickly rushed out to answer Ndubuisi.

Immediately she left, Okwuchi brought out a mixture of bitter leaf juice she squeezed, together with bitter kola and added in the soup Ogechi dished out for Ndubuisi and then threw the bottle out from the window.

When Ogechi reached the bathroom, she saw her husband coming out, tying his towel on his waist.

"My husband, you called me? Sorry, I was in the room, I did not even hear it" she calmly apologized

"No, I did not call you."

"You did not call me?" She repeated

"No, I did not... But Ogechi, you know we don't have much time again, I don't like late journey, start getting ready, we should be leaving in the next couple of minutes. I am almost through."

While he was still speaking, she remembered the food.

"Oh my God! The food.... Are you sure Mama did not lie that my husband is calling me just to get me out of the room?.." She quickly thought and then rushed.... Continue below

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