Mama Why? Episode 12 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"But who could it be?" Ndubuisi continued wondering. "But how is that possible?" He then turned to Ogechi who was seriously looking at him, to know his full reactions.

"Can I see the main pot of soup? I want to have a taste again, because this is not ordinary. Who could be messing with your food, and what is the person's gain?"

"My husband, the main soup has been poured away."

"Poured away, but why?"

"Mama thought it a good to idea to do so."

As Ogechi was still speaking, Ndubuisi then felt remorseful. He quickly remembered how he failed to believe Ogechi, and also slapping her on top of it.

He then took a good look at her cheek and saw how swollen it was.

He calmly ..... Continue below


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