Lady shares how her husband wooed her with phone (photos)

A love struck Lady has taken to her Instagram page to give an account of how her husband gained her love with his mobile phone.

According to the lady, she met her husband at an outing and he asked for her number but she declined. He then gave her his phone and called her on his phone later that day.

Read her Story below:
“He pulled up and asked me for my number… I said ” No”. He said ok, He handed me HIS phone and drove off, I was in complete shock! He called me on his phone later that night ( I was searching all through it) 🤣. Make a long story short, 9 years strong. When a man wants you he takes risks, chances , and Bets it all. What I’ve learned from him, No, is not an answer, if you see and believe in your Vision, and stick to your plan. Chances must be taken , take the ones that are worth it. HAPPY Monday!”

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