Yung6ix denies he is a member of Eiye confraternity after he was seen doing this

 The rapper in the visuals to his song ‘No Favours’ made a peculiar handshake, that many of his fans fingered to be the same as that of the confraternity.

A fan wrote;
    “I just saw No Favors video, so @Yung6ix is a birdman!!!! Eiye for that matter… Wawuuuu issokay.”

And then first five seconds of the video,  he set a bird free which reportedly symbolizes the “Airlords” in their name, while the handshake… as seen, makes their hands form the shape of a bird’s wings.

However, the rapper has come out to deny the allegation that he is a member of the cult group. He wrote;

    “I’m not a cultist that was a label hand shake”

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