Slay King Meets Slay Queen: Episode 12 (The end of Slay Queen)

And I got slayed by network, something I posted hours ago, not knowing that it wasn't published... I just checked now and was flabbergasted that it didn't go through.. Please, understand that it wasn't that my fault.... So sorry. So read below, the next episode..

The next day, Stephanie got ready to step out. She then informed her friend, Floxy about it.

And in a cheerful manner, Floxy replied "OK, take care"

And Steph nodded, appreciating her concern without knowing that she was planning something on her.

The moment Steph left, Floxy picked all her expensive accessories, both her designer shoes and bags, her jewelries. But before then, she had already discussed it with some of her friends who deal on designer wears ...continue

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