Nigerian rival gangs fight with swords in Indian hospital as Nurses and Patients hid in Toilets (Video)

Staff of an Indian hospital in South Delhi, hid in toilets out of fear as Nigerian rival gangs fought inside the hospital with swords and cleavers. It was gathered that the fight started after a member of a rival gang drove up in an auto-rickshaw and barged in, just after 3 wounded men walked into the hospital in Saket while their friends allegedly waited outside around 4am on Saturday.

The rival gangs brandished their swords in a fight that lasted for nearly an hour in the hospital reception. A guard who tried to stop them was also beaten and left injured, as captured in CCTV.

The staff and nurses of the clinic reportedly bolted all access to the upper floors where patients are recovering. According to NDTV,the groups allegedly vandalized the hospital and ran away before the police arrived, leaving a broken door on the floor.

You can watch the video here

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