Mercy Johnson releases evidence of her husband’s jealous side

Days back, Mercy Johnson celebrated her only son’s birthday and in the birthday message to the young boy, who turned 3, Mercy addressed her son as her heartbeat while referring to her husband as her pulse.

She wrote;
    HBD to Henry…….My son is 3 today….Thank you lord and please keep me alive to always see him smile this way…..LLNP to mummy’ s own Heartbeat.. ..@princeodiokojie u are my Pulse don’t worry😍😍😍😅. Leave Henry as my Heartbeat biko😘

So she took to her social media page to share evidence of her husband’s jealous side.

In retaliation, her husband, Prince Okojie shared a picture of his first daughter, Purity and addressed her as his heartbeat, leaving his darling wife as his pulse.

He wrote:

    My Heartbeat is looking all cute….@mercyjohnsonokojie don’t worry babes, you are my pulse, leave the Heartbeat for Purity.Check her out #PURITY OKOJIE#

Mercy Johnson then taunted him for his post…

    All because I said Henry was my Heartbeat ooo..see what @princeodiokojie posted🤔🤔.Just Negodu My people

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