Mama Why? Episode 7 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Some minutes later, the "Umu- Ada" came and welcomed Ogechi as a the new wife.

As they were been entertained, Okwuchi called her friend, Nkechi and began sharing her worries with her.

"Nkechi, I think I'm going to loose my son"

"God forbid! Why do you say so?"

"You know the reason I chose Ogechi for my son?"

"Yes, because she is naive, and won't challenge you like other daughters In-laws do"

"Not true oo, we were mistaken. Ogechi is nowhere near naive. That girl is smarter than I thought. Did you know that she is already turning my son against me?"

"I don't understand, please explain better. What has she done?"

And Okwuchi.... Continue below

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