Mama Why? Episode 4 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"This girl is not only smart, she is a good cook too. And if I allow my son to eat her food, that will mean loosing him forever. Yesterday night was a tip example, he walked out not minding how I would react. Okwuchi, you have to soil this stew.. And where is she sef?" She asked, checking through the corridor to know where Ogechi was, but didn't find her. She then went to the bathroom stand and noticed that she was bathing..

"She is bathing... Very good, let me use this opportunity to put something into the stew" she then brought out grinded potash, mixed it with a little water so that it will be smooth, and then poured some quantity and stirred it carefully: "I don't think this will be enough, let me add more salt" She said and then poured salt

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