Mama Why? : Episode 2 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

The next day, Ndubuisi arrived village like he said and his mother, Okwuchi was extremely happy to see him, coupled with the fact that he came for marriage purpose.

She served him the hot Ora soup she prepared for him which was also his favourite.

And the way Ndu was enjoying it gave her an immense joy. She warmly appreciated it whenever he enjoyed her food like that.

"Mama, you are the best cook in the world. Others should come and learn from you. Even all these so called 5star restaurants, they should come and learn work from your hand, they don't know what they are cooking. I just hope that the woman I will marry will also know how to cook like you" Ndubuisi praised his mother's cooking skills

And Okwuchi smiled,and said: "My son, that was why I took out time to search out a nice girl for you. I met with the girl's family today, they have accepted to give their consent. And I have already spoken with your uncle, Patrick. So he will inform the kinsmen about it"

"What? You did what Mama?" Ndubuisi asked, with a sheer anger crossing his forehead

"I d

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