Just a Tear: Episode 34 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Osonye discussed with her Lawyer. She sought for his advice on how to make the properties return to her again and the Lawyer gave her directions on what to do.

"Now, Kanayo, just watch and see how you will loose everything that defines you in life. You will loose both your son and all your wealth. You think you are smart? Tutututu! Your greatest mistake in life was ever making me your wife. Huhuhuhuhu" she laughed out wickedly and continued: "Let me just take my bath, sleep and wait for him to return" she headed to her room

The doctors tried all they could but they couldn't understand anything. So they advised Kanayo to take Ekene to a psychiatric hospital.

"What? My son, to a mental asylum? Austin did you hear that? How can a small boy like him join those mad people in the psychiatric hospital?" Kanayo wept bitterly.

''See Mr Kanayo, I understand your worries but there is nothing we can do here. I think his condition is the type which can be cured in the psychiatric hospital. I believe he will be alright there" the Doctor advised.

"Doctor, I suggest you try a little bit more. He is still a small boy who is full of life, nothing could have triggered off such a mental issue. He doesn't have a business he is running, he is not even reading any big book like that and he has not exhibit any strange behaviour that could interrupt his mental capacity, so Doctor try a little bit more, I am hopeful you will find a solution. Just look at him Doctor, he is innocent of the sins of the world, he is too small for that kind of place you are about to subject him."

"Mr Kanayo, you are not understanding me at all, I am only suggesting what's best for your son. No need lying to you. We have conducted all the necessary test we can but, we couldn't find anything, I advised you take him to a Psychiatric hospital.. So, please, I have other patients I need to attend to. Take care of your family" Doctor said and left.

"Austin,  did you hear what the doctor just said? I can't stand and watch him spend a minute inside that place. Those insane patients there will harm my son. My Ekene is not mad, he is only sick. But Austin, are you sure Osonye is not right about him, are you sure she is not responsible for what is happening to Ekene?"

"Stop talking nonsense, Kanayo, it's not possible." Austin debunked

"Austin, for a woman who tied me down for years and turned me into a child is capable of doing anything. If money is what she wants, then I'm ready to give it to her. I will sacrifice my wealth for the sake of my only son, Ekene." Kanayo said looking at his son who was sleeping soundly because of the tranquilizer they injected into his body.

"Kanayo! What made you think she will revive your son after you must have given in to her biddings?" Austin asked

"I don't have time to think about that Austin, all I need is for my son to be well again. I want to see that his sweet assuring smiles again. That smile that takes away thunderstorms and make the world still again. He is a boy full of hopes in life. So Austin, I am ready to sacrifice everything for his sake, its all my fault that he had to experience Osonye's wickedness. Had it been I never denied Ifeoma 12 years ago, Osonye's shadow wouldn't have fallen on us. So Austin, please stay here and take care of Ekene, I will be right back, probably, he must have been recovered before my return "

"But Kanayo, where are you going? Even if you will relieve everything to her, there is still a way you can turn it into a game and she will fall for it"

"Austin, there is no need playing games with the devil. Please I want my son to be alright and that is what matters to me now. Please take care of Ekene and Nneoma, I will be right back"

Nneoma was sleeping and dreamt where she was playing with Ekene.
Ekene then gave her a message to relay to his father. But when she woke up, Kanayo had already left.
She approached Austin and narrated the dream to him.
He then thought of the idea Ekene brought and found it fantastic.

"Wow, this is a perfect idea" he said and then looked at Ekene who was very sound asleep and said: "You are indeed a special child. You have once again brought out a wonderful idea to defeat Osonye. I know you will be alright soon, I trust you so much my boy" Austin said and brought out his phone and started calling Kanayo, but he was not answering.
He dialed his number again, and yet no response.
"Oom! What is wrong with him? Why is he not answering his calls" Austin worries

He called persistently, but there was no response.

Kanayo reached home and met Osonye eating.
"Osonye! What have you done to my son?"

"Kanayo, calm down. There is no need reacting the way you are doing now. You see, even if you get me arrested based on what I said, I will not be found guilty because there is no physical evidence to prove that I am responsible for what is happening to your son. And putting me behind bars means locking up the only antidote your son needs for his revival. Wait a minute! Are you recording our conversation? Kanayo, you know I am too smart."

"Osonye, I am not here for your stupid talks. Just tell me, what do you want?" Kanayo asked

"Kanayo, let me see your phone."

"You think everybody is evil like you. My phone is not even here with me, its in the car." Kanayo replied.

Osonye searched him and discovered he was saying the truth.
"Alright then, if you wished to see Ekene well again, revoke your ownership of the property, simple"

"Is that all?" Kanayo asked

"Yes, that will be all" Osonye replied

"Then, how am I sure you will give me the antidote after transferring my wealth and properties to you?" Kanayo asked

"Why won't I, that is the only reason I did what I did in the first place, I have already arranged for everything, all you need is your signature and name, and that will be all." Osonye said

"Alright then, I am ready. Let's do this"

"Alright then, follow me" Osonye got her bag and they left.

Austin was no longer himself. 
He started feeling nervous on why Kanayo hadn't answered his call. He feared something had happened to him.
"Nneoma, can you take care of your self?" Austin asked

"Yes Uncle, I will" Nneoma replied

"You see, I want you to be a good girl and remain in this room. Don't go anywhere until I return." Austin instructed

"OK Uncle, but where are you going?" Nneoma asked

"I need to meet Kanayo and relay Ekene's message to him before it's too late.. But I will be back before you know it, OK?"

Nneoma nodded and said 'OK'.

And Austin dashed out and headed straight to Kanayo's home, but did not meet them there.

Osonye and Kanayo reached at her lawyers place with some documents of his properties and he willed everything to Osonye again.
And Osonye then, gave him a bottle that contained ordinary water. She laughed in her heart on how she played Kanayo into transferring everything to her again thinking she had the antidote.
Osonye allowed him to reach the hospital first before calling him on phone, and revealing how he was played.

When Kanayo entered his car, Austin's call came in again.

"Hello, Austin I am coming to the hospital right away, I am coming with the the antidote, I just finished signing the papers".

"What? Kanayo you did what?"
Austin asked in sheer disappointment and said in his heart: "Ekene, I am sorry for failing you and your Dad, I tried my best. Kanayo, you have lost everything... It is too late now".

To be continued..

The Author of JUST a TEAR is Ngozi Lovelyn O.
Warning: No part of this work should be copied, used, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without the permission of the author.

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