Just a Tear: Episode 25 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Months after Kanayo and Osonye's wedding, one of the sons of the woman whom she paid to stand in as her mother started blackmailing her.
He demanded her to pay 3 million naira or else he reveal the secret to Kanayo.

"I don't understand! You said your name is what again?" Osonye asked the blackmailer

"You don't need to know my name, but consider me as the person who know all your secret, how you paid some people who are not in .... Continue below

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  1. weldone.
    please your story titled bobo okum, all the episodes can not be access.
    in some episode the respond they give me when accessing is 404 error, pls do something about that.
    thank you

    1. It was reverted to be completed on the new story site, Xperiastory.com.
      Sorry about that.

  2. i really commend you may God reward you aboundantly


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