‘I don’t like people telling me I’m sexy’ - Actress Adebola Adewuyi

Beautiful Yoruba actress, Adebola Adewuyi says she hates being seen as a sex object.

In a recent interview with Potpourri the beautiful Ila-Orogun, Osun State-born and bred, English graduate of Joseph Ayo Babalola University girl, poured out her heart on love, sex and money, saying when people tell her she’s sexy, she feels they have other things in their minds

    “Well, I really don’t like people telling me things like, I’m sexy and stuff like that.
    The truth is that when men know you are an actress, the first thing that jumps into their minds, is that, she must be a prostitute. I don’t want you to see me and the next thing that comes to your mind is sexiness. Beautiful is okay but sexy is obscene, she said.
On what she will go for when it comes to love, money and sex, the radiant hottie, said it is love for her.

    “I’ll go for love because love is everything. I wouldn’t mind working hard to get everything else money can buy,” she said.

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