Her boyfriend wants her to leave her marriage because she was tricked

I don't think this should be in the private chat.... Guys, we have an issue. Let's contribute our ideas to this lady who is lamenting on the way her husband made her get married to him. And she is also saying that her former boyfriend is asking her to leave her marriage so that he will marry her... Hmmmmmmm..... You can read all she said below.....and give your reaction.

"Hi Madam Ngozi Lovelyn, I have something important to discuss with you. Please understand my point of view.
I am married with one baby girl. What Tolu is doing to Stephanie in your story Slay King and Slay girl is what my husband did to me. He do me believe that he is comfortable OK, and made married him.... Now, I am suffering. We can't boast of 2 square meal a day. Things are going from bad to worse everyday. My former boyfriend have now became a good source of help to me and my daughter. He is also begging me to leave my husband so that he will marry me, because he lied to me and make me marry him. Please, I am coming to you now as a sister, I need your advice on how to leave my husband and marry my boyfriend without having any issue. Thank you for your help in anticipation."

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