Girl exposes guy who allegedly made his girlfriend commit 3 abortions after trying to make her do same

A Facebook user with the name, James Offor took to the medium to call out a guy whom she claimed wanted to play with her heart. According to her, the guy whom she referred to as Chika Ilojeme has a girl who has allegedly committed three abortions for him.... But was she she right by spewing such dirty things on social media? You can read all she vented below

Cant this stupid and useless big fool chika ilojeme(Sharp)leave me alone and stop runing after me like a confused he goat, please focuse on ogochukwu and up till now the pregnancy that you told me that she wants to use and trap you dawn has not shown out. mind you this is the 3rd abortion you'v done to that fool. was that the kind of game you wanted to play with me? dont you know that shoe get size? useless boy in a Coursed family.

But off course, her post attracted heavy negative comments, with many asking her to bring down the post. You can see some of the reactions below

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