Sean Tizzle speaks how music changed his life

Sean Tizzle in a chat with Sunday Scoops has spoken about his grass to grace story. According to Tizzle it wasn't a smooth life for him, until fortune smiled on him courtesy of music.

What memorable experiences from your childhood do you still reminisce on?

There was a time I went for a job interview at the Ikeja High Court, Lagos. It was an oral interview and I was asked to sing. I thought I was going to be asked some crazy questions. But they asked me to sing, as if they knew that I was a singer. At that time, I had just left secondary school, and I didn’t want to be sitting at home doing nothing.

What job were you applying for before you were asked to sing?

It was the job of a clerk.

Can you recall some of the times you spent hustling before fortune finally smiled upon you?

The memories are just too much, and I don’t even know where to start from. I am practically lost in thought right now. I remember the first time I met D’Tunes. He had asked me to come to his studio to record a new song he wanted to use as a mixtape. My house was quite a long distance from where he stayed, and I didn’t have enough money on me. Halfway through the trip, I became stranded. I had to call him, even as I begged some people on the street to help me. However, D’tunes told me not to worry, but that I should board a bike and he would pay when I got to his studio. I think he got the money the paid with that day from his dad.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt in the course of your career?

We learn every day, and I am still learning. But it is very important to respect everybody, because nobody knows tomorrow, and everybody is somebody. It’s just a matter of time. Be as loyal as you can be and live your life.

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