Repeat Story, for those who haven't read it: Just a Tear: Episode 1

Please always learn from the message the story is throwing at us, and don't read just for reading sake. Love you all as we embark on "Just a TEAR"

"Osonye, how far, where are you?" Ifeoma asked

"I am good. What about you?"

"I am good. What are you doing at the moment?" Ifeoma asked

"Just nothing, I am watching a movie" Osonye replied.

"OK, I am coming over to your place" Ifeoma said

"OK, please while coming, help me and buy meatpie from that man's shop." Osonye requested

"Haa, I don't have money with me here oo"

"This girl sef, person no dey eat your money? No worry, I go give you your money back when you come, just buy two"... Continue


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