Just a Tear: Episode 22 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

The pastor who was officiating the wedding was looking at them with sheer confusion.

Kanayo stood watching the woman with all anger in his heart and he said to her: "Old woman, if not for the fact that you are aged, I would have given you a serious injury now, not minding we are in the house of God. How could you stoop so low as to accepting to destroy someone else's happiness, don't you have a heart? What if the person were to be your own daughter, how would you feel?"

The shocked mother stood looking at her own Osonye denying her right inside the church, she burst into tears: "Osonye, what are you saying? Are you denying me, your own mother? Can you please tell this young man that I am his mother Inlaw. I don't know why you chose to hide this wonderful truth about your wedding from me, but I am so happy for you my Osonye, its what I have been praying for ever since your last marriage was called off".....

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