Hahaha!! Nigerian lady reveals how her friend bought six fake iPhone7 for $1,500

A Nigerian Lady in the United States has revealed how her friend fell victim of a fraud in the country, after she bought 6 iPhone 7 for $1,500 [N550,000], only to discover she just bought a case.

Read What she wrote on Snapchat below;
“OK! Just for laughs.. my friend has always wanted an iPhone, and somehow somehow, she saw some crack heads that said they had iPhone and wanted to sell them off, they told my sweet friend $1,500 for 6 and she was so excited.”
    “Here they are … cause I can’t stop laughing but am trying so hard not to laugh, only for her to find out they were all samples or what ever it’s called. All six are like this fam! I thought it was just my country they do this kind of things o, even in America”


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