‘East is no more safe; Don’t allow Nigerian soldiers angered by Boko haram descend on you’ – Igbo soldier advises South East

A Nigerian soldier, Okoro Sebastian Citwenty from Nsukka, Enugu state, has adviced his South Eastern brothers to stop agitating for Biafra in a way that could get them harmed.

As the Nigerian Army’s ‘Python Dance’ in the East kicks off, Sebastian says East is no longer safe, and whatever the do to Hausa’s in the east they should bear in mind that their brothers are also in the north’

He wrote;
    If u see my face u wil no dart am not really happy, d way my ,(igbo) brother’s are attacking me everywea mostly on social media just bcouse of dis Biafra issue’s. Y? Wea are we coming from and wea are we going? We haven’t finish boko haram problem now East hav start DEA own.
    East is no more save, dnt let anger of d ones boko haram course Nigeria army to descend on Eastern parts.is goin to b worst. Stop d fyt for d sake of ur brother’s in North, u dart still want to abuse me just bcouse am a soldier go on.if u experience war u wl neva pray 4 war to happen,if u see war lie go tire u, Am just advising u guyz. Remember dart ur Igbo brother’s are hea in North too.if Hausa’s start DEA own on them it wl b worst

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