Young man gets revenge on school bully by sleeping with bully’s mum and boasting on radio

A lady identified as Arielle who went on a date with a guy 20 years younger than her, has gotten the worst heartbreak ever as the young man who eloped after their one night stand, refused picking her calls, has gone ahead to boast about with his school’s bully’s mum on radio.

Heartbroken Arielle who reached out to a radio station to ask for help after the boy, whose name was given as Rob refused picking her calls, in a recorded message that has been shared online, got the shock of her life.

Arielle decided to enlist the help of local radio show hosts Ramiro, Pebbles, Melissa and Wiggy in Boston, hoping she could rekindle the magic with her toyboy lover.

After introducing herself and laying out the bare bones of her story, she was asked to stay on the line, but keep quiet while the radio hosts called Rob.

Rob was a little surprised to get the call, especially when they told him they had lined up a date for him and the radio station would pick up the bill.

When the hosts told him why they were calling, the boy informed them that he only slept with the woman to get back at her son for bullying him. He showed no remorse and even informed the woman that he would send a photo he took of his d*** in the woman’s mouth to the woman’s son with the words “I win.”

The recording was just so painful to listen to and the woman sounded really hurt.

DJ tells Rob;

    “She called us and told us, according to her, how great the date was, by the way – you my friend are a master in the bedroom – and she said that she’d like to see you again, but she hasn’t been able to get in contact with you.”

    “Wait a minute, so she called you because she thinks I’m great and she wants to go out with me?,” Rob replied.

    “Yeah, we’re calling because you wouldn’t call her back.”

    Rob adds: “I can’t believe this is happening right now. This is hilarious.”

    When the radio show asked why he hadn’t returned her calls, he said: “Look, this is going to make me sound like a huge a******e, but whatever, so this is all kind of a revenge thing. I saw her online, I recognised her last name and it turns out her son actually used to bully the s**t out of me and so I figured if I could f*** his mum, I could rub it in his face.”

    Arielle was on the line and also heard his astonishing plot to get revenge on her son Sam.

    A shocked Arielle asks: “You’re friend with Sam?”
    “No, I’m not friends with your a******e son,” Rob adds. “He was a total p***k to me and ruined my life. And now I’ve returned the favour.”

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