The wounded Facebook wife: Episode 1

Like I promised yesterday, I'm here to share our special wife's "preferential treatment" towards her husband who suddenly became a stranger to the woman he promised heaven on earth.
So in order to get my facts straight, I had to travel down to Owerri to meet her in person. The arrangement wasn't that difficult because the lady in question is my cousin's best friend. At first, she was hesitant about sharing her ordeal with me, but after giving her my promises that I won't link the story back to her, she then gave her full permission but not to mention her name or husband's name.

I really felt for her.. I really felt for all the women who are living in bondage all in the name of marriage. My only prayer is for God to give them the strength to walk away. I can't pray for the man to change, because they will never consider change as an option. You can only see the beast in a person only when you get married to him.

So below is the story of this woman....

"I was a precious good wife to my husband, I loved and adored him until things began going zig zag.
How does he expect me to remain calm, how does he?
When I was dating him, he never showed me any sign of infidelity. I guess he is an expert in pretending.
They said that women have the higher credits in pretending, I wish I can see the person who made that statement and say it to his face that he is the biggest liar on earth.
Because my husband, Chris (not real name) should be conferred with that honour.
They said that courtship is very necessary before marriage, in order to know the person's traits, both strengths and weaknesses, I guess that was all a fallacy because Chris and I dated for 16 months before hitting the alter, we even exceeded the normal 3-6 months stipulated period for courtship, but yet, I never saw any negative signs that Chris will one day turn into a mean bigot.

My name is Rosaline(not real name), and this is my story.
"I got married to my husband in 2014, let me say, our sweet union stopped flourishing after 6 months into our marriage. He began by keeping late nights, and the one that got me mad was that, he stopped dropping money for the family's expenses.
"Rosaline, are you not working? Why are you still demanding money from me again?" This is the excuse he always gave

When he began this attitude initially, I was hoping that he will change one day, but no, I was only dreaming. Things went from bad to worse. He began receiving different calls from women right in my presence.

See the sweet man I married turning into a total stranger.

He stopped enjoying sxc with me, and from not enjoying it, he stopped completely. My last encounter saw me with bruises. I was feeling him, and went to him, you know, like married couples do.

But did you know that he got irritated at my touchings and began hitting me, pushing me out of our room, and threw my things out, asking me to make use of the other room, that I should stop entering his room. I can tell you now that, for 9 months, this man has not climbed me. I don't know if somebody charmed him against me, but I'm not the type who will be running from different prayer houses seeking for solution

This wicked man does not drop money for food again, but if I cook any food that does not suit his taste, he will either pour it away or pour it on my head"

"What?" I got shocked, looking at her, and imagined how her face will be then. "OK but what did you do, how did you reacted?" I asked

"My sister, I did not do anything o. I was still scared then, crying, asking God to touch his heart.

So that was when I knew that the tune has changed. Then I started avoiding him completely to avoid getting hit. Once he returns home, my heart will skip. Can you imagine, I was living in fear in my own husband's house.

I became the person catering for the home expenses, paying the bills. He kept throwing words like, "if you don't like it, pack your bags and return to your father's house, there are numerous women out there who are lining up to become my wife, if you can't stand it, leave... Am I the only man you know?."
That statement always pierced my heart.
So one day, I swore that I won't endure any longer. He casted the last straw that broke the Camel's back." She said, looking deeply hurt, as tears was trying to run down her cheeks.

So I had to stop asking her questions to allow her have the moment. So when she was fit to talk again, she continued.

"My dear, I am sorry that I'm making you go through this, remembering your hurtful feelings"...

"No, don't feel sorry, I was the one who accepted to do it, so no stress" she said and then continued

"Like I was saying, this man raised me to ground zero while talking to one of his mistresses. From their conversation, it was like the girl asked him about his wife, and he said, 'just feel free Baby, she is only my wife but I love you more". And right in front of me, he sent her the money he promised her. I only found out from their conversations. When the girl was thanking him, he requested her to inform him if the money he sent wasn't enough."

"Mehn! You really needed to see me boiling in anger when she was telling me this. What a heartless man!

I am not the type who intrudes into their husband's privacy, but trust me, there are situations that will make you break those rules. And besides, every woman does it, but it all depends on the level they are doing it.
Chris doesn't even care if I check his phones, he is leaving them carelessly and unlocked.
It happened one morning, when he was taking his bath, I grabbed his phone to check his messages, both WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, you can't believe what I saw. The man I married, flirting with all the girls on Facebook.
That was how I came up with this plan to use Facebook to blackmail him. To see if I can make him change and realise his mistakes.
He was doing all that, but I still loved him, I never stopped, I was only praying for him to change....

OK Guys, I will have to stop here for today, we will continue tomorrow.

But don't be shocked at what I might do at the end of this story, I might give Chris the beating of his life... So always keep your phone on because I might call you from the police station to bail me..

What a nosensica... ermm, did I spelled it correct? I'm still eating beans biko....

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