Skales dumped by his Ethiopia girlfriend just a year after he dumped his Nigerian babe for her

Nigerian singer, Skales last year September took his fans by surprise when he ended his relationship with his long time Nigerian girlfriend, Sasay and without wasting time, quickly switched up to a beautiful Ethiopian lady known as Leyla Konjo.

As at that time, Sasay’s friends declared war with the singer on Twitter, but it didn’t seem to move him as he went on to unveil Leyla to his fans on Instagram. In his own words:

    ‘Just to clear the air this the special one am with @leyla_konjo.

But right now, it looks like we won’t be hearing any more of Leyla from the singer – the Ethiopian beauty was tagged “Mrs Skales” by one of her followers on an IG post of hers which she captioned:

    “Instead of ‘single’ as a marital status, they should put ‘independently owned and operated’. I’m already on the next one,”

After the follower’s comment, Leyla immediately rebuked the title and demanded that she’s addressed by her name, as she has no more time for games.

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