See reason a lady stopped her neighbors’ 2-yr-old son from entering her room

I guess someone gat to pick something from this!  A Nigerian lady, who doubles as a seamstress, Amanda took to Facebook to reveal why she stopped her neighbor’s 2-yr-old son from entering her room.

Before you judge, here’s her story;

    Twice, I told my neighbor that she’s raising a violent boy.
    A little boy who is barely 2yrs will be yelling at you and his father. For what?
    I stopped the boy from coming to my room after shouting at me more than twice.
    This morning, she told me that her son would be at mine while she go pick up something. I told her. “no”. I’m busy and secondly, the boy has no manners at his age. She said
    “na man na! Him go learn small small. I know want make my pikin to dull”
    I have locked my door without even talking to her again.
    We spend so much time training the girl child for a man while we leave the boy who is marrying her to wallow in bad manners and ego.

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