Photos/videos as gay passenger tries to seduce taxi driver in Abuja

A taxi driver and a gay passenger were spotted abusing each other in Wuse, Zone 4, Abuja. According to the report by OakTV, the gay passenger usually dresses and moves around as a lady especially at night in a bid to make ends meet.

The gay man can be heard in the video saying; “I dey fuck for yansh, them they fuck me for yansh, Na man I be, Na my business”.

The cab driver, who simply identified himself as Israel said;

    “the guy stopped me, he told me I should take him to heritage and we agreed on N500 for the fare. Later he said he wanted to sit in the front and I allowed him.
    At the front, he started touching me, he said everywhere dry, make I go feel you? I agreed to go with him to Zone 4, unknown to him I already knew he is a man. When we got to zone 4, he wanted to run then I grabbed him and he bit me in return.”

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Part two
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Part three
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