Nigerian sisters who shared photo of them kissing, react with baby photo after accused of being lesbians

Yesterday, two sisters, Jessica and Sonia in a bid to celebrate sisterhood went viral after photo of them in a lock up kiss stormed the net.
Majority analyzed the photo, saying they were lesbians.

Now, they have denied all reports that claim they are lesbians, by sharing their baby photos, to prove that they are indeed sisters;

Sonia wrote
    “I wasnt going to say anything about this but my mum wont have that. First of all @jessicaseth_ is my baby sister i have been her bestfriend since we were little, we are really close and not once have we been LESBIANS, We peck each other on the lip doesnt make us LESBIANS.
    It was an innocent picture that everyone sexualized, what is wrong with people these days? Its wasnt an intimate kiss why would i kiss my sister intimately? She is not my man. Whether yall believe it or not that had to be said ?

On her page, Jessica wrote
 “Lmao so I never expected this photo of My sister and I to go viral, some people were claiming we ain’t sisters as if they know us,so I had to go find a baby picture of us ?? @soniavoke is my sister it wasn’t a deep kiss, that would be so gross ?.
    Some sent dms consoling me for the insults and I was just laughing cos I ain’t guilty. I must confess Y’all made us laugh all through yesterday”

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