Nigerian Lady reveals reasons she stopped going to Church

A Nigerian Lady, with the Facebook name “Benita Ciara Hindan” has revealed reasons why she stopped attending Church services.

Read Below;
    So I use to attend this church while I was still a teenager can’t remember how old I was at that time but that was when my hatred for some churches started.
    Now at that time till now, I got so picky when it comes to going to church every Sunday because every church I went to i just wasn’t feeling comfortable. Back to the church I was talking about now y’all Remember ‘testimony’ time. Yes you do.
    In that church there was sections, testimony to me meant something like testifying to the church and congregation what God has done in ya life and what you’re thankful for.
    But in that church it was different. And by ‘different’ I mean there would be someone who would ask you what you’re testifying for and if it’s not up to his expectations he would ask you to go back. Then I found out only testimony about new cars, new projects approval was allowed.
    You know rich people only. If you want to share a testimony about life the man will ask you to pls take a seat, once the rich people are done they would say ‘our time is out, testimonies will continue next week’…. crazy If you ask me.
    It’s like the church isn’t your father’s(God) house anymore. And I stopped going to that church, it became a business seminar every Sunday. Don’t judge me please. But I don’t blame people who’s finally given up up on churches these days. Different stories.

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