Lady who called out two guys for stealing her phone is now in trouble, she is wanted by the Police

According to Yabaleftonline, they have received multiple calls from some guys at the Airforce concerning the story, where an Instagram user @lordesszzetta called out two guys and accused them of stealing her phone.

She earlier wrote on Instagram:
    PLEASE READ: Hi everyone. My phone was stolen yesterday 12/08/2017 somewhere around my area at Amuwo Odofin. The guys who stole it turned off the phone after a while, would switch it on at times, answer my friends’ calls but would stay mute. However, as fate would have it, they were stupid enough to snap with the phone and the picture was backed up on my gmail without them knowing.
    Fast forward to today 13/08/2017, I got a new phone and logged into my Google account to back up my saved info/ pictures and Lo and behold, their picture was restored along with mine!
    So this is the picture of the thieves who stole my phone. Please do share until they are caught. Thanks.

Now, the case is at the Nigerian Airforce Base at Ikeja, and they’re calling on her to kindly report to the Base at Ikeja.

Anyone who Knows Zzetta should please kindly tell her about this new development.

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