Is it a crime to be a virgin? Another reality story coming our way

When I thought I have heard it all! I just received another heartbreaking story this morning. But I keep asking, why do some people derive so much joy in being wicked? This Lady now, who pleaded to have her name withheld shared a shocking story that will keep you wondering, is it now a crime to be a virgin?

When I saw her WhatsApp messages, I had to call her because some things are better off in spoken words. I might start sharing the story this evening or tomorrow morning, but I want you all to know my reasons for sharing all these live stories, don't read it for reading sake, but learn a great deal from it. The world is wicked, but with God by your side, coupled with your smartness, you will survive the wicked times. May God Almighty deliver us from evil and wicked people in Jesus Name, Amen!

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