Huh! Young teacher gets N1.5Million list of items from prospective Benue in-laws

Coming after a Benue Monarch banned intending grooms in his community, from spending more than N100, 000 on traditional wedding, a young graduate who teaches in a private secondary school has fallen victim of the ‘overblown’ marriage list.

According to Idoma Voice, the teacher who earns a monthly salary of N75,000 was asked by his prospective Benue in-laws to bring five jerry cans of palm oil, one goat, two cartons of beer, two crates of soft drinks and eight thousand naira before he would be given the list of items to buy and pay for.

He went, presented the items to them and they gave him a list of more items worth N1.5M.
    “This excludes other logistic and miscellaneous expenses he may incur during the traditional marriage. We are even yet to talk about Church wedding which some ladies insist on before stepping their feet in a man’s house. Even the guy’s entire salary for thirty months cannot foot the bills before him. They must continue with their life after marriage. Funny enough, this lady is a student.
    “I deliberately refused to mention the name of the man, lady and families involved because it is not really about them. It is about us. We have to condemn such developments in Tiv land. You may say “or maa wan na ior mbera ga”. But life is a circle. Today it is that poor young man. Tomorrow, it will definitely not be him. “Shin kem gema been ken tar Tiv ase”? Shi mde ve.”

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