Hian! Read this crazy story of a Man, his new girlfriend and his Ex about calling in the night

Men can be something else seriously. And some women too, they can't just read in between lines... Read this story below.... A man was telling his new girlfriend that he will tell his ex-girlfriend to stop calling in the night, but she can call in the day.. Lolz
Read below

“I met him six months ago at work. I’m the manager of a store. He was a delivery man. He was playful and fun. He’d bring me coffee and buns in the morning. He started driving me home at night. We began dating and recently moved in together. But a few weeks ago I called his cell phone and a woman picked up. She started asking who I was, and said she wanted to know why I was calling ‘her man.’ Afterwards he told me it was a big misunderstanding. He said it was his ex-girlfriend, and he’d been with her for nine years, so he still feels a responsibility to provide for her. He swears it’s just a material relationship. But she calls him all the time now. He’s not my property, and I don’t want to lose him, but I just want him to make her go away. But he acts like it’s my problem. When I tell him it bothers me, he just says: ‘I’ll ask her not to call at night.’” (St. Petersburg, Russia)

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