Here are this week's episodes on Dare the Truth by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

So below are this week's Episodes on Dare the Truth.

Dare the Truth: Episode 13 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"But seriously, I heard a voice from outside, does it mean that somebody was eavesdropping to my conversation? But there was nobody there when I checked. Hmm, I really have to be extra careful, I shouldn't blow up my cover, otherwise I will lose my chance of preventing this marriage from taking place" Nana murmured, and continued lying on the bed.

"Sister Grace, I think we are being played. I know everything" Peace said, panting.

"And why are you panting like that? Who is pursuing you?" Grace asked, looking around to know if somebody was pursuing her sister.

"Grace, Nana is not who we think she is, she is still the same Nana, she has not changed at all. She is only pretending to be on your side so as to obstruct your marriage from taking place"

"What........ Continue below


Dare the Truth: Episode 14 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"You don't have to worry, sister Grace, we must surely find something from her phone, and the good thing is that, her phone lock is no longer working." Peace said, as they waited anxiously for Grace to enter the bathroom

Oluba was discussing with his Aunty regarding his marriage preparations.
"But Oluba, how are you feeling about the whole marriage thing?"

"Hmm Aunty, I am feeling excitedly good. I can't believe that I finally found Grace and about to get married to her. If you ask me, I will call it destiny. God used Nana to locate me to my future wife. See how everything turned out, I can't even imagined that I almost got married to Nana.... I would have been counting my regrets by now"

"OK good. And from your statement, it shows that ....... Continue below


Dare the Truth: Episode 15 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Patience who also heard sudden shout of Nana ran out immediately to know what was happening.

"What is it Nana, I heard your loud voice?"

"Mama Grace, can you please help me and ask your daughters what they are doing with my phone?" Nana asked, looking angrily at the two sisters

"What? I strongly warned them against this, why is it that they won't heed to simple instruction?" Patience quickly asked in her heart and then shouted at them to drop the phone at once.

"What are you girls doing with her phone? Now drop the phone this very minute, I said drop it"

And then Grace eyed Peace to drop the phone

"It's a lie, I won't drop it until I find what I am looking for" Peace retorted.. Continue below


Dare the Truth: Episode 16 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Grace was still busy with her chores as her phone rang.
She checked and found out that the call was from Oluba..
And a sheer smile crossed her face.
"Good evening" she greeted

"Good evening Grace, how are you?"

"I am fine, and you?"

"I am good my Darling"

And Grace said "OK" sounding shy

"Hmm, Grace, are you feeling shy?"

She smiled faintly and said : "No, I am not shy"

"But I can feel it clearly from your voice."

"It's not true...... So tell me, what did you eat this night?" Grace  asked

"I have not eaten, but I have biscuit in the fridge, I can make do with that"

"Biscuit? Are you not hungry?" Grace asked, sounding so concerned

"Even if I'm hungry, there is nothing I can do about it....... Continue below


Dare the Truth: Episode 17 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Grace's Father was asked to make a deposit of N15,000 before treatment will be started on his daughter.

"OK Nurse, I am with only 5,000 here, you can start treatment on her immediately, I will complete the money before you know it"

"I am sorry, this is the hospital rule, we can't touch your daughter without having any money deposited for her treatment."

"I never said I won't pay the money, just have this 5,000 and begin treatment immediately, my daughter is in a very critical condition" Papa Grace kindly pleaded, showing the Nurse the money he was having in his hand

"Sir, I ..... Continue below


Dare the Truth: Episode 18 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

When they reached the church, they were informed that Rev. Cornelius was not around, that he traveled to a nearby city for a program, and that he will be returning in the evening.

"So Grace, hope you heard that? The priest is not around, he will be returning in the evening. So I suggest we take you to Nduka's place right away" her father suggested

And Grace didn't say a word, she kept quiet, thinking on what best to do, since her heart was against going to Nduka's place.

As they were about to lift her, she said: "Stop father..... Just stop, I'm still against going to any herbalist for my treatment..."

"But Nana, the Priest is not here, and as you can see, continue below

Episode Eighteen

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