Ghanaians kill 5 Nigerians after a citizen was killed by a Nigerian while fighting over a girl

The fight between a Ghanaian and a Nigerian man over a girl, which left the Ghanaian dead has degenerated into a Xenophobic attack, as it has been gathered that 5 Nigerians have been killed in reprisal attack.

48-year-old Thompson Peter who allegedly reported himself to the Police in Sowutoum area of Ghana alleging he killed the Ghanaian in self defence, have been arrested as Ghanaian Police reportedly claimed he’s a thief.

It was also gathered that the policemen who reportedly visited the alleged crime scene, were also attacked and chased away by the protesting Ghanaians.

Here’s what Facebook user Ifeanyi Chukwuemeka  wrote about the incident in which Peter, allegedly stabbed Ghanaian 27-year-old Misbau Amadu in the head with a knife after a confrontation at his residence at about 10:00pm on Thursday.

    “The victim was rushed to the Mary Lucy Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival by the doctors.
    “Inspector Kwabena Danso, Deputy Accra Regional Police Public Relations Officer (PRO), said a week ago, Thompson Peter lodged a complaint at the Sowutoum Police Station that Misbau Amadu had broken into his apartment and stolen some items.
    “After taking the statement of Thompson, the PRO said the police proceeded to the residence of Misbau Amadu with the intent of inviting him to the station to help investigate the claim but he was not available.
    “Thompson said at about 9:00 pm last Thursday, Misbau came to his (Thomson’s) house, armed with a knife to attack him for reporting the case to the police. In the course of the fight, Thompson said he overpowered Misbau and stabbed him in self-defence.
    “The matter is still under investigations,” Inspector Kwabena Danso posited. Meanwhile, crisis has allegedly broken out in the area, with many Nigerians being attacked,” Chukwuemeka wrote.

    As confirmed in another Facebook post by Stephen Chase Ebuka, Ghanaian policemen were attacked by angry youths in the crime scene because they wanted to enforce peace in the neighbourhood.

    So far, Ebuka said, five Nigerians have been killed in a reprisal attack along Santa-Maria, a few kilometres away from Sowutom.

    He advised every Nigerian living in the crime area to “stay indoors till things cool off.”

Here’s the video;



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