Did you read this short reality story, My Experience in Awka Wedding by Ngozi Lovelyn O?

In case you missed it, its a short reality story about what happened at a friend's wedding I attended in Awka, Anambra State.
And these two handsome guys that sat beside me were busy monitoring one beautiful girl like that, whom they later put up to a test.
And one of them is my friend who is desperately in search of a wife.
The guy swore that, if the girl passes the test, he will automatically consider her his wife.

So I followed up the event, from how he saw her, drew up a plan with his friend, approached the girl, plus how the girl reacted after they tested her temperament by pouring water on her, wetting her cloth.
It was really an awesome experience you would love to read. You can read the story below to know if the girl later passed the test or not

I believe this story will be an eye opener, because most men still consider good character the number one attribute for marriage.
Like this my friend now, the girl's beauty charmed him, but in order to make the move, good character must be present in her life..

So enjoy the gist below,,,,,,,,,,,,


OK, this is going to be a very short story, my personal observation between a guy who happens to be my friend and an unknown beautiful girl we met at the wedding reception of one of our friends, in Awka Anambra State

"Oh my! Who am I seeing here? Ng... Is that you? Oh my God! You are looking so big and......"

Oh dear! I hate people telling me that I'm getting fat, so I had to cut in before he spew another word that will induce me into starving myself the whole week. Hehehe.. Please, don't ask me if I'm fat..

"Kingsley, look at you, you have changed a lot. I never knew I will still set my eyes on you..." I cut in

"That is life Ngoo, I have heard so much about you.. You are doing real good for yourself"

"Hmm, Kingy, it's God. And you, look at you, you are not doing bad at all" I reciprocated the compliment

We were still exchanging pleasantries when this beautiful chocolate lady walked into the wedding hall.

"Ow.... Who is that beauty?" Kingsley asked, nudging his friend...

"Is she one of the "Asoebis" ? The friend asked, looking at the girl.

But Kingsley was subtly lost in his admiration, fixing his eyes tightly to this unknown lady who was gaiting elegantly, searching for a seat to sit.

Men! What is it with them and beautiful girls? Anyway, this my friend still has some senses reserved in him. "And look at that, he is still gazing at the girl" so I had to snap him out of it. "Kingy, are you still there?"

"Ngoo, I swear, this girl is an Angel, she just fell from heaven. Just look at her glass skin, she such a beauty. I have never seen such a beauty in my life before. Please let's find a seat and sit close to her"

"Kingy, don't tell me you have not changed."

But who was I talking to? The guy had already left from where we were standing to secure a table close to the place this girl was sitting, but for what? For a close eye contact.

"Ngoo, you can come and sit here" he directed
"And Mr Man, sit here..." he directed his friend to sit.. And then, it got to his mind that he has not introduced us.

"Oh! forgive my manners. I did not introduce you guys... Ngoo, meet my friend, Onochie............ Onochie, my friend Ngozi"

"Ngoo, nice meeting you" Onochie said as we shook hands.

On looking at Kingsley, he had resumed with his gazing.

So I decided to ignore him, and began enjoying the beautiful decoration of the wedding hall, the laughter and smiles on the guests faces, their beautiful attires and makeups, the sound of the music and off course the beautiful bride and the groom. The bride is my childhood friend, we grew up in the same street together with Kingsley. So Kingsley and I came to wedding in honour of the bride's invitation.

But this my friend, the beauty of this unknown girl knocked him unconscious. He was shot off completely from the ceremony. And the unknown girl was beginning to notice his advances.
But I had to tap him, and get him into control with the reality. Because, I was beginning to get irritated at the way he was looking at the girl.....

"Kingsley, stop looking at her like that, you are getting her uncomfortable.. Come on!"

"Ng, you won't understand. You know that my reason for returning to the country is to search for a wife? and I think I have found my dream woman"

"You are not serious, right?"

"Ng, I am 100% serious"

"A girl you don't even know? You don't even know her name?"

"Don't worry about that, I will know about her temperament now, I mean right this minute. I will put her up to a test, If she passes it, gbam! I will consider her my wife" he whispered

Like seriously, this guy meant business. Just like that? So beautiful girls, this is what you guys go through everyday? See how this girl's beauty threw my friend off balance. In my next world, I must do my creation my self, men must fall down each I'm passing on the road.. You have not seen anything yet......😬😬😬..

So back to my friend, "is he really serious about testing the girl's attitude? OK let me ask him"

"Kingsley, are you for real? Ok tell me, what are you going to do? I mean, how are you putting up the test?"

"Don't worry, let me speak with my friend first" he turned to his friend and they began devising for a plan...

But me, what was I doing then? I sat looking at this unknown girl, feeling tensed "Poor thing, she doesn't even know that she is being watched" I said in my heart and then felt the push to approach and tell her what was happening, so that she will behave...

All my friend needed to do was to try her with a very offensive test to know what her reaction will be.

Can you guess what he did? Don't worry, we will find out tomorrow....

"But what if she is engaged or in a serious relationship? We shall still find out tomorrow...

Single ladies waiting for Mr Right? I hope you are reading this.... ATTITUDE matters. You might not know that he is testing you..

You can read up the remaining three episodes from the links below




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