Dare the Truth: Episode 20 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

The introduction ceremony was a success. Grace was half way becoming Oluba's wife.

Peace was seen looking cheerful that after Nana and her mother's tremendous efforts to ruining the occasion, failure was finally theirs.
"And that reminds me, where is Nana? I can't find her anywhere. Her brother Timo has returned from the Cyber Cafe, so what's keeping her? Hmm, I think I know the reason, she can't stand watching the event and also the shame of facing Oluba again after disgracing herself with her immorality. Lord I thank you for everything"

Grace who noticed the cheerful mood of Peace approached and tapped her.
"I can see you are so happy"

"Why won't I be sister? We are truly serving a miraculous God, those who trust in him are never disappointed"

"Yes o my sister, ....... Continue below

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