Dare the Truth: Episode 13 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"But seriously, I heard a voice from outside, does it mean that somebody was eavesdropping to my conversation? But there was nobody there when I checked. Hmm, I really have to be extra careful, I shouldn't blow up my cover, otherwise I will lose my chance of preventing this marriage from taking place" Nana murmured, and continued lying on the bed.

"Sister Grace, I think we are being played. I know everything" Peace said, panting.

"And why are you panting like that? Who is pursuing you?" Grace asked, looking around to know if somebody was pursuing her sister.

"Grace, Nana is not who we think she is, she is still the same Nana, she has not changed at all. She is only pretending to be on your side so as to obstruct your marriage from taking place"

"What........ Continue below

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