Dare the Truth: Episode 12 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Grace who was inside the motor park waiting for the bus to depart found her mind experiencing some difficulties in grasping what was about to happen.

"My heart is heavy and my mind is bitter, but why? Hmm, I haven't done this type of thing before, hope I'm not about to make a grave mistake. Anyway its for Oluba, I have to take the risk and secure this marriage. I can't remain single anymore and besides, other girls are doing it. I have seen girls who got married after years of practicing Sxc, so my own case won't be different."

So when the bus got filled, and the driver began collecting the fare, Grace found herself racing with her mind again.
"Oh not again, why is my conscience troubling me now? I have already made up my mind to embark on this journey, I can't go back." She said, giving the driver her own money.........

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