Dare the Truth: Episode 10 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

Dare the Truth: Episode 10 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

When Nana drew Grace to the room, she sat looking curious, eager to hear what Nana wanted to say.
"So tell me, because I can't wait to hear it." Grace said, looking so anxious. She continued: "I hope it's not something bad?"

"No Grace, Oluba is a perfect gentle man, you don't have anything to worry about him. Your only worries should be on your own behavior. You know you did not asked me how I got him to proposed marriage to me so easily?." Nana asked

"Yes, please tell me." Grace said, looking interested.

"OK Grace. I met Oluba at a friend's wedding in the city. And after setting eyes on me, he got entangled at my charisma."


"See, this thing I'm about to tell you now should be our little secret, don't let any other ear to hear it, you get?"

And Grace nodded, eagerly to hear the rest.: "So continue, I am all ears"

And Nana smiled softly and continued: "OK, you know these... Continue below

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