"Cristiano Ronaldo is cursed for missing father's burial’ – Portuguese witch-doctor claims

A Portuguese witchdoctor, Fernando Nogueira, has claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo is under a spell, for missing the funeral of his father.

Nogueira, who is better known under his witchdoctoring name, Fafe, says the curse is behind the 32-year-old’s travails.

Ronaldo is currently serving a five-match ban and has troubles with the Spanish tax authorities.

Fafe said it was because he has been subjected to a “terrible curse, a tremendous case of evil eye.”

    “Ronaldo has been weakened spiritually and psychologically,” Fafe revealed to Flash, when asked about the player’s recent travails.

    “He missed the funeral of his father to play the same evening, and that unleashed a lot of energies.”

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