CAC pastor confesses how he cures spiritual problem with sxc

A popular pastor is currently trailed with criticisms and allegations, after he impregnated a married woman whose husband has since driven out from their matrimonial home.

With her eyes wide open, a-32-year old housewife, Omotola Akerele, seeking spiritual help, watched as her 5-year-old marriage ended abruptly, no thanks to an alleged abortion for a “man of God” who allegedly took advantage of her during her trying period, Vanguard exclusively reports.

A pastor identified as Matthew Olakunle who also allegedly took advantage of her junior sister, Tope, and their 60-year-old mother, Janet, under the pretext of spiritual deliverance, confessed to having s*x with Tope twice and prayed for their mother n*ked twice, adding that he shaved Omotola’s pubic, armpit hair before the alleged s*x with her.

Their mother, who reportedly introduced her daughters to the pastor, narrated that she started attending his church five years ago but denied s*xual intercourse with Olakunle while alleging that he always prayed for women seeking spiritual help naked.

Omotola walked into the alleged trap of the pastor, then head of the Christ Apostolic Church, Oke Itura, Iju, Ondo State, after she complained of “spiritual attack”.

The housewife had confided in her mother that she was battling with acute cough which had defiled solution for over a year, and whenever the cough gripped her, she was always urinating uncontrollably on her body.

Olakunle allegedly not only took advantage of her condition but allegedly impregnated her and, in a bid to conceal the pregnancy from her husband, Elijah Oluwaseun, she decided to commit abortion.

It was learnt that the pastor, after listening to her story, allegedly told her she must have been attacked spiritually and needed special deliverance which will last more than one week in the mission house at Ejigbo area of lju.

But the husband got wind of what happened between his wife and the pastor after she had taken in for him (pastor) and terminated the pregnancy.

Oluwaseun confronted his wife and she reportedly confessed to what happened between her and the pastor after which she was sent packing from her matrimonial home.

The victim, while narrating her ordeal in the hands of the pastor on a live programme on Adaba FM in Akure, the Ondo State capital, alleged that Olakunle instructed her to remove all her clothes, including under wears, before each prayer session which lasted seven days both day and night.

She said the pastor’s wife was away to Ajowa-Akoko area of the state during the deliverance days in two-room mission house. She alleged that on the last day of the deliverance session, Olawale pushed her to the bed, mounted her and had s*x with her.

The pastor, according to her, said the s*x will exorcise the “evil spirits” dwelling inside her body and the cough and the urinating on her body would cease forthwith.

She pointed out that a month after the s*x, she became pregnant but later aborted it with N5,000 because of the shame it would bring to her if the truth came out and she could not transfer the paternity to her husband.

The housewife said she came to the radio station to expose the pastor because he was responsible for the breakage of her marriage and, more importantly, to prevent other spiritual seekers from falling prey to the alleged antics of Olakunle.

“I had severe cough and my mother took me to Pastor Olakunle Mathew for prayer in Iju. After praying for me, he said I needed a shaving stick and a handkerchief to perform the spiritual exercise which I took to him”, Omotola alleged.

“The pastor told me that he wanted to use my hair to perform some spiritual work that would solve my spiritual problem. On the night of the first day after we got there, he asked me to pull off my clothes in the presence of my mother to pray for me in the mission house.

“Subsequently, anytime I went there for deliverance, he would ask me to remove my clothes and lie on the bed. He would pray for me.

“On the seventh day, he shaved the hair of my private part and my armpit hair and put the hair in the white handkerchief. After that, we had s*x and after the intercourse he asked me to go and bury the hair in the handkerchief behind the mission house”

Also speaking on the programme, the pastor confirmed praying for the women in the church n*ked. Olakunle said he had put over 15 years into the service of the church and had served in many branches across the country.

According to him, he was able to cure Omotola of the attack after the one week deliverance. “God answers prayer faster while praying n*ked”, he told the radio audience.

“Omotola’s case was a spiritual attack and she agreed to undergo the spiritual exercise performed on her in the church”.

The pastor, who has now been moved to another branch of the church in Ilorin, Kwara State, however denied having s*x with Omotola. He equally denied impregnating her.

Olakunle, however, confessed to having sex with Omotola’s younger sister twice and also prayed for their mother naked on several occasions.

Speaking on his encounter with the housewife, he said, “On the third day of the spiritual programme, I shaved the hair of Omotola’s private part and I touched it with my penis and I told her to be using my penis to rob the entrance of her private part so that she would discharge.

“After that, I wiped the discharge of her private part with the white handkerchief and I prayed for her using Psalm 24.

“After the exercise, I asked her to go and bury the handkerchief in the bush. I asked her to call her husband to do it for her but she refused, that is why I did it for her but I didn’t have s*x with her.”

Olakunle expressed surprise that Omotola claimed he impregnated her and that she aborted the pregnancy which led to her being driven out of her matrimonial home.

Also speaking, Janet, the mother of Omotola, denied knowing that the pastor committed adultery with her daughters during their deliverance sessions which later resulted in pregnancy.

But the pastor said that it was the mother who bought the shaving stick and the white handkerchief used during Omotola’s ‘deliverance session’.

Madam Janet confirmed the shaving of pubic and armpit hair by the pastor.

Oluwaseun, Omotola’ s husband, said that he allowed his wife to visit her mother who promised to take her to her pastor for deliverance.

“After a week, l called her (wife) to come back to the house and she asked me to come and pick her in Akure. On getting home l started suspecting her after she made advances to me and it was unlike her.

“Before then, whenever I made sexual advances to her, she was in the habit of giving excuses but after her return from the deliverance session she made advances.

“I became suspicious and when l touched her private part l discovered that the pubic hair had been shaved and l asked her what happened and she said it was her mother who helped her to shave it.

“I played along and, after l said l will call her mother to find out, she changed the story and said it was the deliverance pastor.

“l interrogated her further and she confessed that she had sexual intercourse with the pastor and was pregnant. l then asked her to leave my house and take the pregnancy to the owner”.

Oluwaseun said that her former wife had rented a room apartment at Leo Junction in Akure after their separation.

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